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The© marketplace supports an extensive and continually growing network of buyers - builders, developers, investors, individuals and Realtors®. These buyers are specifically looking to purchase "land valued" real estate.

Through exposure and competition sellers obtain full market value for their property. Listings are sold "as is." You won't have to endure showings, home tours or even worry about how your home looks - inside or out. Licensed real estate professionals help you through the entire selling process - all the way to the closing table.

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"I've bought and sold my own properties using - all the real buyers in town go there to look for property." Carrie K," Broker and Kenna Builders, Inc.

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  • Sell "as-is", no fixes or repairs, means less hassle
  • Common-sense process with lower transaction costs
  • We have the right buyers; local builders, investors and individuals
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