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Realtor® Mag
September 2011

'My Best Negotiating Secrets'

by Melissa Dittmann Tracey

You may find yourself negotiating more than ever before in your real estate career. But did you know there’s a skill to negotiating that can be taught?....
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Crain's Chicago Business
April 11, 2011

Teardown truth

by Brian Hickey

Buyers want them and sellers have them — that's the simple reality. ("Teardowns make a comeback in Chicago's suburbs," Crain's, April 4). The only controversy we have seen centers on design and size....
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November 10, 2009

Is the McMansion Dead?

by Jenny Sullivan

It’s the scapegoat of the housing bust, and that’s not all. From accusations of ostentatious overconsumption to environmental indifference, the McMansion has taken some brutal hits in the recession economy. Are those blows lethal enough to send starter castles to their grave? Or will they live to see another boom? ....
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Chicago Tribune
September 19, 2008

Taming of the monster home


McMansions epitomized the excesses of the housing market, but don't think that just because the market is in the dumps, the desire for overbuilt homes has dried up. ....
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The Wall Street Journal
March 5, 2008

Just Don't Call Them Rich


Middle-Class MillionaireThe key to riches in America, according to Alan Prince and Lewis Schiff, is not thinking like a millionaire but thinking like...a member of the middle class. .... [ read on ]


NY Times

The New York Times
December 16, 2007

The Heart of Teardown Country

By Carin Rubenstein

HAVE you ever lived near a teardown in progress? Has it ever been your daily fate to deal with noise, smells, dirt and construction crews right next door — only to behold, after endless months, a space-hogging “mansionization” in place of the petite Cape Cod you used to find so sweet? ....
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NY Times

The New York Times
June 16, 2006

The Teardown Wars

By Michelle Higgins

BUILDING a dream vacation home — or at least rebuilding one — is becoming harder. In a sweeping backlash against the recent trend of wealthy buyers tearing down small — or even large — houses ....
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National Public Radio
September 26, 2006

Listen to this story...

Teardown Trend Altering Historic Neighborhoods

By Cheryl Corley

Brian Hickey, president of Xchange Properties, stands in front of an older house in Hinsdale, Ill., that is scheduled for demolition....
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Urban Land Institute

The Urban Land Institute
May 2008

Stopping Residential Teardowns

By Jeffrey Spivak

Communities across the United States have tried a variety of approaches to limit or regulate teardowns and their replacements. ....
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Chicago Tribune
July 30, 2006

Plot change

by Janice Rosenberg

When Tim Lawler sought a new home in the western suburbs, Hinsdale was at the top of his list. With the housing market tight and almost no vacant land, Lawler began to consider acquiring a teardown ....
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NY Times

The New York Times
August 21, 2005

Teardowns Reshape Suburbs, And Selling Strategies

by Lisa Prevost

The Hinsdale suburb of Chicago is often referred to as the epicenter of the teardown trend. Builders have been demolishing the affluent village's early post-World War II housing since 1985 ....
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Kansas Star

August 26, 2008

Tearing down existing homes to build new ones can sometimes revitalize an established neighborhood


The first part of Mark and Constance Eddy’s homeownership story is classic: In 1998 the newlyweds bought a “starter” home in a post-World War II subdivision in Prairie Village. The 900-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath house was dated, with 1950s metal cabinets and gold-flecked Formica counters in the kitchen, but cozy....
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CNN Money
November 16, 2006

Is your house a teardown candidate?

By Les Christie, staff writer

Thousands on a kitchen remodel? A new deck? Just tear the whole thing down.
That's the conclusion many home owners and sellers are reaching in expensive housing markets all around the nation.
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The Doings Newspaper
January 22, 2004

New take on real estate rises from teardown trend

by Sandy Illian Bosch

Brian Hickey doesn't see his move from securities trader to real estate broker as a big transition. He said he's doing the same thing as always did. "It's just a different product," the lifelong Hinsdale resident said. Hickey is owner and founder of Xchange Properties....
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Student Voice

The Buckley High School
May 9, 2007

Keeping up with the Joneses

by Willy Korchek

.... Xchange Properties, headquartered in Clarendon Hills, Illinois, makes a business of marketing over 100 teardown properties each year countrywide, including Southern California ....
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Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune
August 18, 2008

Pro and con

Brian Hickey, co-owner of©, a real estate site for buyers and sellers based in Clarendon Hills, says the main factors that make an older neighborhood attractive are: ....
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CNN Money
July 18, 2006

Trafficking in teardowns

By Les Christie staff writer

A Web site for teardowns is making selling old houses for demolition easier than ever ....
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July 2006

Keep It Or Trash It?

by Ashlea Ebeling

Forbes MagazineTwo strategies for an old place you're shedding: Sell it to be torn down or preserve it and get a tax break. It's a tale of two sites. Both old. Both in need of repair.... [ read on ]


The HOME monthly
January 2006

Xchange Properties: teardown specialist links buyers and sellers

by Jane K. Dove

Home MonthlySteve and Norma are a couple in their sixties looking toward maximizing their retirement income. They want to sell their colonial home on three acres. But the kitchen and bathrooms are outdated .... [ read on ]


Professional Builder
March 2003

Broker Creates Wholesale Market in Tear-Down Land

Professional BuilderEighteen months ago, a former stock trader turned real estate broker .... [ read on ]


Chicago Magazine
September 2003

On a Tear(down)

by Dennis Rodkin

chicagoIf you live in a neighborhood where newly constructed homes are going for $ 1 million .... [ read on ]


D Magazine
March 2007

Is Your Home a Teardown?

by Eric Celeste

_ ... Mike Brawner, a broker with Xchange Properties, which runs, represents one of the companies scouring the Park Cities to find just the right deal. Once a potential teardown property is identified, Xchange offers to represent the homeowners and sell to their network of builders... [ read on ]


Residential Developer
Summer 2006

Demolition Derby

Xchange Properties finds a niche in demolished property sales.

_The idea to market demolition properties directly to builders came when the former securities trader Brian Hickey went through the process of selling a property himself. [ read on ]


Sports Illustrated
May 2004

Tearing Down The House

by Lew Sichelman

Sports IllustratedWhen soaring property values meet this old, small house, more builders and buyers are choosing demolition over renovation .... [ read on ]



Realty Times
January 27, 2004

Why Teardowns Rise In Metro Areas

by Peter G. Miller

Does it seem like the old neighborhood ain't what it used to be -- especially if the old neighborhood has good-sized lots, smaller homes and rising values? What you may be looking at is an ideal "teardown" area, a community where both demolitions and housing prices are booming.
According to the .... [ read on ]